Saturday, March 28, 2009


David Prunty is a man who knows what he likes. And this man likes his softball. I attribute any and all credit to him when I get excited to play softball, which is somewhat, though, this is most possibly his pure existence as to work at Ithaca College in the summer time.

How did David Prunty make it into my second post on this thing?

Anyway, I was in a softball tournament today with my school (Sine Elementary) team. Misfits. Bad news bears. The Pittsburgh Pirates; teams or collections of peoples that are generally doomed for failure in baseball/softball athletic competition. Though, we banded together and had ourselves a day in the most intensity slow pitch softball can muster.

It was played in a tournament style, and out of 16 teams, we lost in the final four and walked away with a co-third place trophy? Co-third place? Here, have half of a bronze. But not to whine (I just think the concept of co-third is amusing), it was a lot of fun, and I hit a couple of homeruns and had a butt-ton (button?) of RBIs. And my defensive capabilities are spectacular, even though the glove that I have had since 6th grade is tearing in half. And my batting glove tore and my finger pokes through the tip now.

But, what is alarming is how this was apart of a wellenss fair for the whole Gelndale Elementary School District, and since I walked a bunch and wore a pedometer in a prior district challenge, they gave me a $25.00 camelback thing. And there were hundreds of these things, and water bottles and yoga mats and wiis and ipod nanos and something else that was shinny.

Though the district is cutting the budget, not buying textbooks and cutting our salaries.

But four dips are getting wiis?

If for whatever reason you start reading this and I don't know you, or you don't know me, I'll introduce myself in the next post.

I need to go grade forever now.

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  1. The Pirates are not as doomed as your face is gonna be the next time I see you, Bernier.